Our Solutions

NuServ provides a combination of specialty engineering and IT services using web-server hosted applications for the purpose of improved workflow management, and to help companies better track and manage their project pipeline. NuServ provides nuclear-industry technology in its Web based services to electric utilities and their partners through its proprietary, scalable and secure multi-tenant architecture, which allows the firm to serve large numbers of utility customers cost-effectively leveraging a single software code base of its applications for multiple customers. By subscribing to NuServ services, customers purchase both nuclear-engineering and IT expertise and are not required to make large and risky upfront investments in software, additional hardware, extensive implementation services and additional IT staff.

Key advantages of NuServ services include:

  • Nuclear engineering expertise
  • Rapid IT deployment
  • High levels of user adoption with technical content
  • Lower total cost of ownership
  • Extensive features, functionality and configurability
  • Secure, scalable and reliable delivery platforms
  • Ease of integration.

The company deploys professional engineering talent in conjunction with software enhanced action. It designs all product offerings as Internet-based services so that the solutions are cheaper, faster and easier to deploy whether in house or hosted ASP. The company has chosen this path because of its fundamental distinctions such as:

  • Multi-tenant Solutions- The company has designed their SaaS applications to run thousands of individual companies on a unified code base, with distributed, load-balanced application servers to handle requests.
  • Embedded service management and Security- To keep thousands of customers up and running securely, Nuserv applications have built-in management and monitoring capabilities, as well as security features, designed in to the service from the ground up.
  • Frequent, incremental upgrades- The Company developed its net-native SaaS applications to implement upgrades easily. The company can upgrade its entire customer base simultaneously and deliver change in a gradual, iterative fashion.
  • Browser based client interface- With the browser as the sole client interface, the Nuserv SaaS applications provide customers with a familiar, easy interface.
  • Data Transfer and Integration- The company‚Äôs net native unified code base and open API facilitates data transfer and integration, and Nuserv has standard connectors ready to go.
  • Features and Functionality- Nuserv has the ability to offer core features today, with the ability to add functions in future frequent upgrades.
  • Customization through configuration- Nuserv SaaS allows the company to customize installations though the set up and administrative configuration functions built into the application now. In this way the company can tailor the solution to meet individual customer requirements and provide personalized views and processes.
  • Streamline Service and Support- Nuserv users are serviced with an efficient, closed-loop service that gives the company immediate feedback on problems as they arise. Support staff, programmers or account managers can directly access user accounts to identify and correct problems.


A Better Nuclear Industry Professional Networking Solution...

NukeConnect is the commercial nuclear power industry's most popular professional networking site. NukeConnect.com offers a new model that is better for professionals who seek relevant contacts, worldwide; as well as for job candidates and for recruiters. NukeConnect is a product of NuServ, Inc.; providers of SaaS IT solutions to the nuclear industry.

Since going live, the professional database is growing rapidly, including job candidates and recruiters. If you work or recruit in the nuclear industry here is why you should be a registered member of NukeConnect.

Better for Networking

  • Your profile is valuable to others who seek your insight
  • You can reach to others easily, for FREE
  • You can search the database to find exactly the right person
  • You can meet people worldwide who share your industry perspective
  • You can reach beyond the normal boundaries of trade shows
  • Your networking is accelerated within NukeConnect; worldwide access

Better For Candidates

  • Create a free virtual CV / Resume and let recruiters find you
  • Our database is live - Hide your CV when not looking for work
  • Be found in Search by recruiters searching
  • You maintain full control over your personal information
  • Upload all your photo, CV or resume documents to your profile
  • Never miss out on suitable positions, they find you

Better For Recruiters

  • No charge for job posting, post first jobs for FREE
  • Preview applicants for FREE
  • Search a LIVE database of candidates for FREE
  • Pay very little to view matched candidates contact details
  • No hidden charges - no candidate no fee
  • Unlimited access options available
  • Advanced search options make finding suitable candidates very easy
  • Never search a dead database
  • No longer receive an inbox full of Irrelevant CVs / Resumes
  • Instantly preview, screen and filter applicants

NukeConnect... where the renaissance is unfolding!

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