NuServ, Inc.

Providing information technology solutions and subject matter expertise to the commercial nuclear power industry, worldwide.

NuServ provides IT services, application development and e-business tools in the area of management, operations, regulatory support, licensing, economics, cost reduction, recruiting, training, inspection and testing.


NuServ, Inc. is in the business of providing next-generation information technology tools, engineering and professional services to the commercial nuclear power industry, which it provides primarily to the electric power utility market. This includes software and systems specialists, each coupled with subject matter experts such as engineers in the categories of nuclear, mechanical, electrical, civil, structural, chemical and environmental, and technical services.

NuServ services are configured to support the worldwide fleet of 439 operating nuclear plants, with 36 new plants under construction, 99 planned and 232 being proposed. The number of new reactors being planned represents a 23% increase over those in operation today, and the number proposed represents a 52% increase in total worldwide power production from current numbers. Leading countries with plants under construction, planned or proposed are China (109), Russia (44), USA (32), India (31), and Japan (14). [World Nuclear Association].*

Demand for Contemporary IT Management Tools

NuServ IT specialists bring contemporary e-tools to improve efficiency, smooth work-flow-management, drive cost reduction and enable user satisfaction. NuServ serves the demand for newest IT tools by combining both skilled and experienced IT professionals with their engineering counterparts; a formula for project success and client satisfaction.

Both industry groups, nuclear power and information technology, are moving forward with next generation technologies. Worldwide, the nuclear industry is in "Renaissance" because of the confluence of three key factors; 1) explosion in demand for energy which derives from an increase of population worldwide now having discretionary income able to purchase power, 2) evolution of nuclear power plant designs to a next generation status, 3) increasing concern about global warming and recognition that nuclear plants generate power with no carbon emissions (nuclear power today represents about 70% of our carbon-free electricity supply).

To service this growing demand will require the most efficient collaborative tools, robust internet resources, secure web-servers and intelligently designed applications. NuServ principals provide this breadth combining IT specialization supplemented by deep vertical engineering knowledge.

Serving the Demand

NuServ, Inc. was formed by senior industry executives to address this challenge and seize the opportunity to provide valuable IT resources for its clients. NuServ managers, upon request of their clients, form professional service teams within the disciplines of IT, nuclear, mechanical, electrical and power engineering, construction, training, and operation as full time or temporary workers, as either employees or out-sourced personnel. NuServ can meld its team with those of its clients, forming an integrated deployment team.

NUSERV enables companies to:

  • Automate & simplify work management processes
  • Accelerate time to productivity and reduce costs
  • Align software applications and tools with business initiatives


A Better Nuclear Industry Professional Networking Solution...

NukeConnect is the commercial nuclear power industry's most popular professional networking site. NukeConnect.com offers a new model that is better for professionals who seek relevant contacts, worldwide; as well as for job candidates and for recruiters. NukeConnect is a product of NuServ, Inc.; providers of SaaS IT solutions to the nuclear industry.

Since going live, the professional database is growing rapidly, including job candidates and recruiters. If you work or recruit in the nuclear industry here is why you should be a registered member of NukeConnect.

Better for Networking

  • Your profile is valuable to others who seek your insight
  • You can reach to others easily, for FREE
  • You can search the database to find exactly the right person
  • You can meet people worldwide who share your industry perspective
  • You can reach beyond the normal boundaries of trade shows
  • Your networking is accelerated within NukeConnect; worldwide access

Better For Candidates

  • Create a free virtual CV / Resume and let recruiters find you
  • Our database is live - Hide your CV when not looking for work
  • Be found in Search by recruiters searching
  • You maintain full control over your personal information
  • Upload all your photo, CV or resume documents to your profile
  • Never miss out on suitable positions, they find you

Better For Recruiters

  • No charge for job posting, post first jobs for FREE
  • Preview applicants for FREE
  • Search a LIVE database of candidates for FREE
  • Pay very little to view matched candidates contact details
  • No hidden charges - no candidate no fee
  • Unlimited access options available
  • Advanced search options make finding suitable candidates very easy
  • Never search a dead database
  • No longer receive an inbox full of Irrelevant CVs / Resumes
  • Instantly preview, screen and filter applicants

NukeConnect... where the renaissance is unfolding!

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